Here be dragons!

Aye, matey, before you take another step, be sure you’ve read all the details regarding development, sailing, diving, and fishing. Pirate Jam isn’t your typical landlubber game jam, but a true swashbuckling adventure!

Also be sure to check out the vlog updates and games from the previous Pirate Jams:
Pirate Jam 2017
Pirate Jam 2018
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If you’ve read all the details and are ready to enter your name in the selection process, you can do so with the form below. Dates of upcoming Pirate Jams and details on the selection process will be provided soon.

Pirate Jam Pre-Jam Skirmish

Win a >>>FREE TRIP<<< to Pirate Jam 2020! Join the 48-hour Pre-Jam Skirmish at

The Pre-Jam Skirmish runs from Jan 10th-12th (Hong Kong Time)

CLICK HERE to learn more and join the Skirmish at

How much does this cost?

We’re working with our sponsors to cover most of the costs associated with participation.

>>> Individual Tickets are $575USD <<<

This buys you a bunk aboard a boat in the fleet and covers your breakfast, snacks, and drinks aboard the boats.

Beyond the ticket price, you must cover your travel expenses to and from the event.
You're responsible for your food, drinks, and lodging ashore.

Please see our Inclusion Details to see if you might qualify for additional support from our sponsors.

Development Experience?

Experience making games on your own in a game engine like Unity3D or Gamemaker is a requirement. Ability to quickly build something simple and fun on your own is a big plus. The 2020 development process theme will be "simple and fast" - so if you can, for example, crank out a cute little 2D side-scroller in a few hours or days, that's great!

How do I sign up?

Pirate Jam is on hold until the world recovers from The Great Pandemic. Even pirates fear the virus!