Arg! Here be info about fishing, matey!

We have rods, reels, hand-lines, fascinators, gaffs, and other fishing gear aboard. With a BBQ grill and full galley we can prep, freeze, or cook what we catch. Fishing is not only great fun, but can help to feed your fellow pirates!

From Phuket has numerous advantages over other destinations when it comes to big game fishing. The fact that it has yet to come into the international spotlight as a gamefishing venue means that there are plenty of whoppers out there waiting to be caught and the waters of the Andaman Sea provide perfect conditions for many of the best gamefish in the world, such as marlins, queenfish and dolphin fish (dorados). The best time for going after these prize fighters is during the southwest monsoon season (July to October) but people hook thrilling catches all year round.

Depending on the season, we can troll for wahoo, giant trevally, yellowfin, dolphin fish, mackerel, and barracuda. At anchor we can catch a variety of reef fish including grouper, snapper, and bream. We also carry squid jigs and a speargun!

We troll while sailing, cast while anchored, and spearfish while snorkeling or diving.

Speaking of, let’s talk about diving!