The swashbuckling jam adventure!

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Game jam on the high seas!

Pirate Jam is an annual game jam which takes place in Thailand aboard a fleet of sailboats.
2020 will be the 4th year of the event which hosts game developers from around the world.

Pirate Jam isn’t your typical landlubber game jam, but a true swashbuckling adventure!

Hit the links below to read all the details regarding development, sailing, diving, and fishing.


A moveable jam. 5 hours per-day, 7-day Game Jam, taking place at beach bars along our sailing route from Ko Jum to Ko Lanta and points in between.


Sail the Andaman Sea, visiting beautiful beaches, remote islands, pristine fishing grounds, and secluded dive spots aboard a small armada of sailboats.


Giant trevally, Spanish mackerel, tuna, and other beauties lurk beneath the keel. Hand lines, reels, and lures provide hours of salt water fishing action.


Crystal clear waters invite you to swim, snorkel, and dive. With a dive compressor and full compliment of gear, enjoy undersea fun without limit.

Lead pirate

American McGee

With over 23 years game industry experience, American has been involved with development projects around the globe. Starting in Texas at id Software (DOOM, Quake), then heading to San Francisco where he joined EA (Alice), American went on to Hong Kong (Bad Day LA), before founding Spicy Horse Games in Shanghai (Alice: Madness Returns) nine years ago.

American sails and dives extensively around the Andaman Sea, and has gathered valuable local knowledge as to the best anchorages, bars, dive spots, and fishing holes. He has a Thai captain’s license, holds PADI dive certification, and has passed an array of ASA sailing courses.

Yes, that is his real name.


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